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I am pleased to announce Southern Tactical Blades will now be offering a consignment service. We specialize in Marfione Customs, Microtech Knives, Todd Begg Knives, Heretic Knives, and Zero Tolerance.

S.T.B. receives a tremendous amount of exposure and has filled orders from around the world. Now is your chance to give your knife the exposure it needs to sell in a timely manner. Exposure and pricing being the key to a successful sale.

S.T.B. will work with you to devise a fair market value price to help get your knife or knives sold in a timely fashion.

After your knife has sold, you will receive 90% of the final selling price. (10% service fee)

Upon selling your knife it will ship out within 24hrs. Your 90% of the selling price will be payed out within 48-72 hours.

If you decide to use your 90% credit from selling your knives towards a purchase from S.T.B. The 10% sellers fee will be waived.


Please DO NOT ship your knives until after contacting:

John Cox

Ph: 770-354-3826

Email: John@southernblades.com

If you so choose to sell your knives through STB please ship them to :

Southern Tactical Blades

Attn: John Cox

2320 Suite A Henry Clower Blvd.

Snellville Ga 30078

Please include you contact information: Name, phone number, Email, mailing address, knife model.

Upon receiving your items they will be assessed for condition and value.

A full description a long with pictures and pricing will be listed on SouthernBlades.com


STB is fully insured with specialty insurance to cover our entire inventory for theft, damage, flood, natural disaster, etc.


We maintain a secure, environmentally controlled facility for the protection of your knives. However, we are not responsible for damage or change in condition of your knives while stored in our facility unless due to overt carelessness on our part. Specifically, we are not responsible for rust, cracking of natural materials, or other material degradation.


It is your responsibility to ensure that we have correct contact information for you including email, phone, and mailing address. If we attempt to contact you and after 3 attempts have been unsuccessful, we will send a certified letter to the last address we have on file. If we do not hear from you in 30 days for the date of the certified letter, we will sell or otherwise dispose of the knives at our sole discretion. We will hold funds from sale for 6 months from date of the certified letter, after which you forfeit all claim for your knives or funds due.

You may choose to have your knife removed from the website and returned to you at any time. You are responsible for any shipping and insurance fees that may be required. If you items have been on the site less than 3 months you will be assessed a $25 handling fee per knife.

Implicit agreement to terms and policies

By shipping your knives to STB you are agreeing to all terms and policies

If your knife is listed on SouthernBlades.com, it cannot be listed anywhere else for sale.